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Daily Pressure Reducers—they help you chill.


Sometimes we need a pressure solution for the moment—-a presentation, crucial conversation, job interview, or golf put.

Other times to do our best and to protect our mental and physical well being, we need to rid ourselves of the daily nagging feelings that pressure thwarts upon us that make us feel the heat 24/7.  We need pressure reducers—strategies that help immunize ourselves to daily pressure feelings.

Here are 10 to build into your daily activities:

  • Affirm Your Self –Worth
  • Take a 15 Minute Walk
  • Practice Meditation, Yoga, or Relaxation
  • Work on Your Own Excellence
  • Share Your Pressure Feelings
  • Be Appreciative of What You Have
  • Expect Good Things to Happen
  • Focus on What You Can Control
  • Use Positive Self-Talk
  • Smile & Laugh

 The more you use these pressure reducers, the more your days will be pressure-less!

If you want to know the rationale behind each pressure reducer, read Performing Under Pressure or take the performing under pressure E Workshop.

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