My academic and “how to” recognized expertise in the areas of clinical, counseling, organizational psychology, and communication, allows me to offer a wide range of professional services, all performed at an exceptional level of top quality. Because my time for providing these services is limited, I choose my consulting activities very carefully, a prime criterion being my interest.

Here are some services that may help you and your organization become productive:

Organizational Consulting:

Over the years, I have helped many organizations implement concepts such as Emotional Intelligence, Pressure Management, Anger Management, and skills such as Giving and Taking Criticism into their daily operations, as well as helping organizations develop performance appraisal systems that are designed to develop the value of individuals, rather than systems that decide compensation value.

Executive Development:

My teaching experience in the country’s premier business school executive education and executive MBA programs, dozens of executive retreat workshops I have conducted, and personal counseling and coaching of executives, allows me a keen expertise in assisting organizations in the content development, design, and implementation of multiple executive development activities.

Content development for in house programs:

I am considered to be a content specialist extraordinaire on many subjects that have their theoretical basis in psychology. The buzz words would be emotional intelligence, giving and taking criticism/feedback, assertive training, executive coaching, performance appraisal, communication, team building, conflict management, leadership development, negotiation, influence, management/executive styles, managing groups, problem solving, motivation, morale boosting, and managing and creating change and most current, the emerging science of pressure management.


Before my interest and career were on the corporate/work environment path, I traveled extensively down clinical roads working with patients/clients that were Rich and Famous, to college students, to seniors restricted to assisted living, and those that inhabited the darkest corners of psychiatric institutions. These therapeutic experiences helped me craft an innovative toolbox of strategies and techniques geared to the results of helping people achieve their goals. My coaching activities draw from this toolbox and provide me with cognitive, behavioral, and affective principles and techniques that underlie the coaching process and go beyond the experience and expertise of most coaches. In recent years, I have customized my coaching expertise to the world of financial advisors and sales professionals and have developed an evidenced based methodology for coaching people to perform their best under pressure.

Keynote presentations:

A large part of my time is spent in giving keynote presentations to all sorts of organizations. My bio will reference some of the organizations that I have addressed multiple times and the presentations page lists the topics of their interest.


Resource Consultant:

I have wide access to some of the most qualified professionals in the world in work environments and in the mental health field. Whether it is project management, weight management, or treating depression, contact me and I am happy to help you find the resource that can help you.

For more information about these services: